2005 Festival Catalog




Sundance Film Festival 2005 Catalog, 292 pages. "Wish You Were Here"

Building on a long tradition of presenting international films, the Sundance Film Festival launched its World Cinema Competition in 2005 with features including TONY TAKITANI to BROTHERS, and documentaries ranging from GRIZZLY MAN to SHAKE HANDS WITH THE DEVIL: THE JOURNEY OF ROMEO DALLAIRE. International films were complemented by a U.S. slate that included ME AND YOU AND EVERYONE WE KNOW, HUSTLE AND FLOW, THE SQUID AND THE WHALE, and THE EMPORER'S JOURNEY which was renamed THE MARCH OF THE PENGUINS when released in the U.S. later that year. For the first time Sundance presented a selection from its Short Film Program online, marking a convergence of the Festival's commitment to short films and its continued efforts to extend the Festival experience to an online audience.