2001 Festival Catalog




Sundance Film Festival 2001 Catalog, 312 pages

The 2001 Sundance Film Festival continued its legacy of independence by marrying traditional aesthetics to new technologies. The Festival not only established the Sundance Online Film Festival but also provided digital projection for many of the year's digital films, becoming the first major Festival to officially recognize the rise of digital filmmaking. Many filmmakers re-engaged with such traditional Hollywood genres as the musical and the melodrama. The cult classic HEDWIG AND THE ANGRY INCH offered a new twist on the traditional musical while DOGTOWN AND Z-BOYS illustrated surf culture. The documentaries this year reclaimed non-fiction filmmaking's power to educate and inform, focusing both on the lives of children and inspirational historical figures. The Piper-Heidsieck Award, which goes to a film artist who has made a significant contribution to independent film, was given to actress Julianne Moore, honored for her work in such films as THE MYTH OF FINGERPRINTS and SAFE.