1994 Festival Catalog




Sundance Film Festival 1994 Catalog, 112 pages

The 1994 Festival presented over ninety features and sixty shorts, including an international selection spanning Asia, Latin America, and Europe. 1994 was a big year for films that went on to considerable box office success and critical acclaim. Among them: CLEAN SHAVEN, CLERKS, GO FISH, SPANKING THE MONKEY, THIRTY-TWO SHORT FILMS ABOUT GLENN GOULD, FOUR WEDDINGS AND A FUNERAL, BACKBEAT, SIRENS, REALITY BITES and MI VIDA LOCA (MY CRAZY LIFE). 1994 also featured a comprehensive tribute to Arthur Penn (BONNIE AND CLYDE, ALICE'S RESTAURANT), the first of a continuing series of films by Native Americans, and the Piper-Heidseick Tribute to Independent Vision was awarded to Gena Rowlands.