1992 Festival Poster




Sundance Film Festival 1992 Poster. 25" wide by 36" tall.

The 1992 Sundance Film Festival continued to bring to its audiences the very best in cinema from around the world. Among the discoveries from this festival: MISSISSIPPI MASALA, EDWARD II and NIGHT ON EARTH. The Competition was also particularly rich with an eclectic variety of the very best in American Independent Film: A BRIEF HISTORY OF TIME, BROTHER'S KEEPER, INNOCENTS ABROAD, GAS FOOD AND LODGING, POISON IVY, RESEVOIR DOGS and THE WATERDANCE. Sundance also honored two truly great filmmakers with retrospectives: Stanley Kubrick (2001: A SPACE ODYSSEY, LOLITA, PATHS OF GLORY, A CLOCKWORK ORANGE) and the maverick Chinese cinematographer/director Xhang Yimou (JU DOU, RAISE THE RED LANTERN, YELLOW EARTH). British Cinema was also honored at this Festival, the Discovery Program of short films was presented, and the first Piper-Heidseick Award for Independent Vision was presented to John Turturro.